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Background and Facts

Flies are the fourth largest group of insects, consisting of more than 110,000 different species worldwide and are found in every part of the world, .

Different types of flies require different methods for fly control. Each specie has its own habits and living conditions. Fruit flies are found in ripened/rotting fruit or fresh garbage, while moth flies prefer drains. House flies breed in fresh manure, while blow flies prefer dead animals or rotting garbage. Positive identification of the specie is the main a key to discovering active breeding sites.

Food preparation and, waste bins and poor sanitation levels areas attract flies. They conducive to the aroma of food inside or garbage containers  outdoors. They can breed in drains and garbage containers and develop populations inside buildings

Type of Flies 

  • House Fly
  • Flesh Fly             
  • Fruit Fly
  • Moth Fly
  • Horse Fly           
  • Blow Fly                     

Human flies developed 65 million years ago. They survive in all habitats where people can survive, because they are used to live near humans.


Flies can be a nuisance by disturbing people during leisure and at work. They give a negative psychological impact and signs of unhygienic conditions.  Flies can spread diseases because flies primarily breed outdoors in manure, garbage, and the carcasses of dead animals, they may carry bacteria into the home. Disease transmission takes place when the fly contacts people, animals, or their food. Through contaminated food most of the diseases can be contracted, water, air, hands and person-to-person contact. This reduces the relative importance of flies as carriers of disease.

They mainly cause food poisoning, diarrhea, and dysentery

Preventive Measures

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene.

Closing and sealing open garbage disposal units to minimize attraction.

Installing air curtains or fly screens to limit access.

Removing of stagnant water in gardens and roof gutters.

Installing EFK (Electric fly killer) machines as recommended by experts.

Carrying out a monthly or Fortnightly fly control treatment targeting breeding and resting grounds.

Our solution

Our experts can properly identify the species, therefore guiding them to fly breeding sites and areas of fly activity.

Q care specialist will inspect likely breeding sites such as drains and other areas that collect moisture. Once the survey of your premises is complete and the breeding site has been identified, they may recommend a fly control program specially designed for your needs. Depending on the type of fly that is infesting your property, treatment may include one, or a combination,

Assistance and advise immediately to prevent further increase of the pest infestation.

Special inspection and advise by technical experts.

Preparation and Pre-demonstration for the client’s awareness.

Treatment following IPM & ISO standards by professionally trained technicians under supervision.

  • Fly Baits
  • Applying Dusting powder
  • Spraying treatments
  • Thermal fogging treatment
  • Aerosol mists
  • Electronic Fly Killer / Monitoring devises

Instructions to the client in cleaning and maintaining tips.

Monitoring and follow-up with the clients’ feedback.

Guarantee & free follow=up (T&C apply)

24 x 7 on call helpline and advise

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