Rodents (Rats/Mice)

Background and facts

Rodents are welcomed by the warmth and will inhabit the walls, storage spaces, attics and crawl spaces of your home; searching for shelter where it’s possible to find food and water.

Rodents are full bodied, with short limbs, and tails. They also possess sharp incisors. They are also fast breeders. Their body plan is structured to squeeze through even tiny holes.
Most common rodents include rats, mice, Bandicoots, squirrel, beavers, porcupines, and guinea pigs.

Rodents are well-known as a severe specie of pests as they transmit serious diseases to humans. They also act as carriers for many pathogens, eg: fleas or ticks. Rodents cause damage by chewing various items, Eg: paper and clothes available around any property. Rodents are also considered destructive in agricultural sector as they feed and damage grain and seeds.
They introduce other unwelcome pests like fleas, lice, and ticks. Rat droppings could be the first sign of infestation, can help to drastically reduce the length of time needed to eliminate the infestation. These species can breed fast, and a small problem could develop into a serious issue if left unattended.

Preventive Measures
There are various factors to be considered from the time of construction of your facility, but not too late if you can focus on there behavior.
Closing access to the premises by sealing holes and hidden openings, trimming tree branches connected to the building or the boundary walls.
Removing debris and unwanted storage from the premises.
Following recommended storing systems with easy monitoring access,

  • QCare Pest Control Solutions
    Our trained professionals are following Integrated Pest Management techniques to investigate the situation. 
  • We proudly provide you with a well-rounded understanding of your infestation.
  •  Our agents will find out why rodents are attracted to your premises so that we can pass along our knowledge to you; that you may be able to confidently apply preventative measures against future infestation.
  • Rodents are not attractive for environments maintained clean. However, if rodent infestations spread, rodent traps or baiting systems can be followed to control them.
  • Treatment following IPM & ISO standards by professionally trained technicians under supervision.
  • Advanced Rodent treatment using latest Rodent Bait stations
  • Non Toxic Rodent Control – using advanced Trapping devices
  • Installing Rodent monitoring devices
  • AMC – Annual maintenance Contracts to Commercial and residential facilities
  • Dusting & baiting treatments 
  • Mechanical trapping and removal 
  • Monitoring and follow-up with the clients’ feedback.
  • Guarantee & free follow=up ( T&C apply)
  • 24 x 7 on call helpline and advise.
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